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Mattress Buying Guide

mattress buying guide at gofurn furniture store in canterbury kent

Handy mattress buying guide. Choosing your next mattress, sizes, construction, options and more. 

Sizes: Firstly, take a look at the sizes below and names for those sizes to help you familiarise yourself with the bed name and size you may need. In addition to these singles, there is also a Small Single measuring 2'6" x 6'3"(76cm x 190cm). Please also note this chart does not include less popular European sizes.

mattress size guide

Mattress Construction: Next we take a look at the the main construction differences with mattresses and the options available.

mattress construction types at gofurn

Open Coil Mattresses: Open coil sprung mattresses are the standard for a good quality budget mattress. Featuring rows of springs, many of these may be referred to as Bonnel springs. The term open coil relates to the way the springs are linked together then inserted in a wire frame for support. These are then topped with layers or padding. Finally, with our ranges, a hand tufted cover is added. The gauge of the springs will also guide as to whether this mattress type offers a softer to medium firm Orthopaedic feel.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses: These are considered to offer the ultimate in individual support. Featuring nested springs in individual pockets, the springs act independently to support the contours of the body as and where required. Naturally, this also prevents roll together or bed bounce for individuals, unlike older style mattresses. Minimum quantity of springs is usually 800.  Around 1500  is considered to be an optimum number to support all body types. Dependent on model these are topped with different layers of natural or synthetic fibres and padding for the ultimate in support and relaxation.

 Memory Foam & Latex Mattresses: Memory foam mattresses come in three different styles, a pocket sprung mattress with memory foam top, pure all memory foam and lastly a visco foam base with memory foam top. Memory foam will feel different to a standard sprung mattress. The memory foam will use your body heat to form a mould around you relieving pressure points, allowing you to sink in to your mattress. The way the memory foam moulds around you ensures that support is provided at weighted contact points around the body as needed. Not all are manufactured equally though. By taking the heat away from you to adapt to your body shape, it is important you choose one that has airflow passages and a good quality breathable cover to remove heat. Some manufacturers offer foam in cheap polyester covers that will trap the heat in and make you feel too warm maybe, in particular in summer. Rest assured our selection of memory foam mattresses feature high-quality breathable covers and air vent pocket channels.

Latex mattress are by nature hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant. Just like memory foam a latex mattress will contour to your body and relieve pressure points and aid support where needed. Latex mattresses are naturally elastic, and unlike cheaper memory foam mattresses, Latex mattresses are naturally breathable and therefore do not have heat issues that may be found with cheaper, lower quality memory foam mattresses from other suppliers. 

View all our mattresses here on our mattresses listings pages.  We will not confuse with hundreds of mattress choices, merely just the best choices.

Any mattress questions, we have an expert available with over 20 years experience, please do contact us, call us or email us.